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One of only three photos I have (or have seen) of Saragossa. This one shows him as he appeared in the 1940s. He changes his appearance dramatically every twenty-five years or so. A friend described this photo as a cross between Ken Doll and Marlon Brando with something hard in the eyes. I couldn't argue. I consider this photograph to be one of my greatest treasures. Actually, it belongs to Niniane, but rests in my possession until she recalls it. It is easy to see that Saragossa is refined, cultured, possessed of Old World elegance and is reservedly masculine. I fancy, however, that I can see a Lebensmüde, a world-weariness, in him. He plays a role. He walks through the stage of life only because he has a task to complete before retiring.

Vampire Saragossa 1946
Saragossa 1946
Saragossa was born in Spain in the city of Zaragoza, in the Kingdom of Aragon, in 1533, to a Spanish father and an English mother, whose family had Welsh roots. He grew up speaking five languages and, under private tutelage, studying the sciences such as they existed in those days. Though the city had both a great Muslim heritage (it had been one of the Taifa kingdoms in the eleventh century), and had, according to legend, received a personal visitation in the first century from Mary, mother of Jesus (standing on a pillar) – yet Saragossa's family was non-religious, which was almost unthinkable of a noble family in that age. The name of the city of his birth was originally, "Caesaraugusta", meaning, of course, something like Caesar the August, or Magnificent King. Due to the extreme tensions between England and Spain (most especially Aragon) caused by Henry VIII's rejection of the Spanish princess he had married, Katharine of Aragon, Saragossa's family returned to England, where the young boy of ten was nicknamed and called by his city of birth (with a British spelling), the name by which he ever after styled himself – Saragossa.

It was said that magic was in the blood of both sides of his family, most especially the distaff side, as his mother's family was connected by folklore with Arthurian legend – specifically with Merlin. Modern research states that there was no Merlin connected with King Arthur before the twelfth century invention of Geoffrey of Monmouth in his tales. There has also been much confusion because of the existence of several ancient persons of literary interest with the name Merlin, all getting mixed up in various tales. For the purposes of this site, suffice it to say that Saragossa himself believes that there was a magical Merlin Pendragon associated with Arthur, and a magical sword, Excalibur, which belonged rightfully to Merlin, but which was lent to Arthur to accomplish deeds which needed accomplishing, and that Merlin was indeed, as the legends state, fathered by a 'demon' (a non-mortal) on a king's daughter and gifted with magic and the power of prophecy.

Be that as it may, Saragossa early showed signs of inheriting the magic that ran in the veins of mother and father. He also inherited great physical beauty and that special awareness, called Sentience, which left him alienated from most of humanity. At an early age, perhaps thirty, he became vampire. Not recorded here (nor elsewhere to my knowledge) is the name or nature of his wer-parent, the wer-bat who infused Saragossa with the god blood, but it must be guessed that this master vampire was not of the lineage of Quetzalcoatl, because Saragossa did not inherit the phototoxicity gene which runs true in Quetz's line.

The Saragossa family had extensive wealth, which, along with extremely indulgent parents, afforded Saragossa the luxury of travel. He spent several decades in India, studying Zen philosophy, and in the Far Orient. His long life was marked by existential anguish, a barrenness of love (except for that of his parents, which was unconditional), a gathering of strength both physical and magical, and the slow evolution of his mind into something quite nonhuman (thereby making love even more unlikely).

In the 1800s he relocated to the United States and, in 1867 he found Jean LeDoux, whom he named Piper and who would later take the cognomen of Sandman, in the city of New Orleans. He became Saragossa's disciple and lover and later his only wer-child. Together they confronted Dracula in London at the turn of the century, and from that time forward committed their lives to thwarting Dracula's plans to humble mankind to a pre-Industrial Revolution technology. But the physical love affair between Saragossa and Sandman had ended.

Saragossa did not take another lover until 1976, when he met Jon, a bio-chemist who had been infected with the wer-virus by Dracula in an attempt to control Jon's mind and force him to finish an experiment in inducing the W-rabies virus in sharks. Saragossa and Sandman liberated Jon from imprisonment by Lorrigan, Dracula's henchwoman, and nursed him back to health after the extreme torture he had suffered. This tale, and more concerning Saragossa and Sandman, is told in the book Saragossa.

Vampire Saragossa 2004
Saragossa 2004
This photo, which I took in Brazil, is of a totally different persona from that I see in the first photo. There is, indeed, a strong physical resemblance between the two (despite Saragossa's policy of changing appearances), but this person is one wrapped in life, living to the fullest. He laughs, makes jokes and behaves playfully. Both Laura and Niniane have said his personality is unrecognizable compared to his pre-1976 self – that is to say, before he met Jon. I hardly know why he finds Jon to be joy-inspiring. I love Jon limitlessly, but he is, in all truth, a somber, unyielding, nearly unsmiling man. He is the perfect colleague for undertaking a task, but not an inspired travel companion if your objective is the traditional fun-filled vacation.

Some people have commented on the length of Saragossa's arms. I asked Piper about that. (Actually, I think Piper's arms are long, too.) He simply said that the arms have to lengthen for the bat form, and why bother shortening them all way when you change back? It seems length can be useful.

Here is a Danilevski painting from a photo of a naked vampire. Obviously you should not click on this link if you are averse to nudity.

All covert information in this site is, ultimately, from Saragossa himself (mostly via Sandman). He is, understandably enough, somewhat closed-mouth about himself, resulting in this very short (in contrast to that on Dracula) biography.

The next section introduces Sandman, Saragossa's only wer-child and the immediate source of the information in this website.