If you are interested in the subject of Sentience, please visit:
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A nice site with photos of Vlad and things related to him:
Vlad Tepes - The Historical Dracula

For those interested in the Ancient Egyptians, please see:
The Ancient Egypt Site - The History, Language and Culture of Pharaonic Egypt

Below is a very interesting site whose focus is on the use of the sacred mushroom in pre-Columbian American. Incidentally he sets forth a lot of information of interest to my site, including Quetzalcoatl, wer-juguars, wer-bats, Xolotl etc.
Breaking The Mushroom Code

These links pertain to the famous flood in the Big Thompson Canyon in 1976 in Colorado, where constitutes the climax of the novel Saragossa - The Vampire Legacy:
The Big Thompson
Big Thompson River - Wikipedia
Big Thompson Flood Kills 145
1976 Big Thompson Flood, Colorado—Thirty Years Later